Important: We are not planning to have an additional charge for attending workshops because we believe these topics play an important role in community-building.

Introduction to Epistemic Network Analysis

Kamila Misiejuk and Brendan Eagan

Participants will be introduced to Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA) and use it with their own data or datasets provided to them.

Introduction to Automated Coding and nCoder

Amanda Siebert-Evenstone and Seung Bok Lee

Participants will work individually and in teams to step through the process of identifying, defining, classifying, and validating a code or set of codes using nCoder and rho.

Advanced Epistemic Network Analysis

Srecko Joksimovic, Cody Marquart, and Zach Swiecki

Participants will be introduced to and work with advanced features of Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA) in rENA and the webtool.